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The Rahbani Brothers Biography

Part 1: Early childhood and education.
Part 2: Father Paul elAshaqar, theater attempts and the policemen careers.
Part 3: Professional artistic careers, radio and Fairuz.
Part 4: Baalbeck: The beginnings
Part 5: Baalbeck, theater, television and cinema
Part 6: Assy ..

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Main Sources for Writing This Feature:
1. Henry Zoghayb's interview with Mansour Rahbani in Alwasat magazine.
2. 'Rahbani Brothers: Life and Theater: Characteristics of Dramatic Literary' by Professor Nabil Abou Mourad.
3. Jizal Khoury's interview with Mansour Rahbani on LBC's Hiwar El'omr program.
Important Note: The dates of the events are not 100% accurate because the different sources conflict eachother in that aspect. I've used what sounded right to me and what made the biography easy to follow from all the differnet sources, and have not limited myself to just one. Of course, I can be wrong.

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