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In concert at the Olympia-Paris
There are a few number of live albums released by Fairouz (apart from the musical plays), considering the great number of concerts she has made in the entire world and 'At the Olympia' must be one of the greatest among these albums. The number of the songs is very big, more than 25 and there is also a number of instrumentals. The concert(s) was held in the Olympia, Paris, France on the 3rd and 4th of May 1979.
Inside the booklet there are some documents and articles on Fairouz and the Rahbina, their beginnings, tours, etc... , but all in French (which I only know of 'Je n'parle pas le Francias mais Je parle l'englaih', I am not even sure about the spelling). There are also some pictures taken from the concert, the airport? and the Olympia hall.
The quality of the album is unbelievable. If you have a good sound system setup, close your eyes and play this album and you'll feel as if you're IN the concert. Voix de l'Orient couldn't make it all the way good, they crammed the songs on 3 tracks on each CD, which is to say the least, misuse of the CD technology. Bottomline: Get it.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for a number of songs, most the notably the following:
1. Ya Tair El-Werwar: By Elias Rehbani
2. Bayni We Baynak: By Elias Rehbani
3. Raksat El-Garrar: By Elias Rehbani
4. Redni Ila Beladi: Poem by Said Akl
5. Lina Ou Ya Lina: Music by Mendlson
6. Ahadir ElPosta: By Ziad Rehbani
7. Zourouni: By Said Darwich

Album tracks:
CD1 (64'58"):
TRACK 1 (21'56")
1. Musical Prelude
2. A Song For Paris
3. El-Oshak We El-Shawish
4. Mawal We Dabke AlHawa
TRACK 2 (20'56")
5. Habbeytak Bessayf
6. Ya Tair El-Werwar
7. Sakaro El-Shoari3
8. El-qamar Tahit El-Mishmisha
9. El-Shawish We El-Kabadaiat
TRACK 3 (22'06")
10. Bayni We Baynak
11. Raksit El-Garrar
12. Redni Ila Beladi
13. Ya Ahl Elahiba Gabo
14. Hela Ya Wasi3
15. Mawal Ya Markeb El-ri7
16. Ghaim ElSaif
CD2 (64'10"):
TRACK1 (22'32")

1. Sheherazade
2. Lina Ou Ya Lina
3. Raksat Al Manadil
4. Akher Assahriye
5. Ma Hada
TRACK 2 (22'38")
6. Al Mashhad Al Badawi
7. Raksat Ashabab
8. Khdeni
9. Al Bosta
TRACK 3 (19'00")
10. Talel Alaya
11. Attahia
12. Behebak Ya Libnan
13. Zourouni
14. Sakro El-Shoari3
15. Ihikili

Some of the songs were performed by the following:
Hoda Haddad, Rajaa Bader, William Hesoani and Joseph Nassif.

Approx. time 129'08" - VDLCD 503/504

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