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Most, if not all, of the songs featured on this album were part of a television program that was produced in the 60's. It was called 'Di3at al Aghani/ SongLand'. It was in black and white. But there were other songs as well and other performers like late Nasri Shammesdin. The television audience was guided through the Di3aa by Hoda, Fairuz's sister who sang solo songs as well as singing backing vocals in some other ones. It was produced in a television studio, so there were no audience there, that's why the applause was fake, they used an applause machine to generate fade in and out applause. I had no problem with that in the TELEVISION show, but the problem is that they kept the applause in the songs when they transferred the songs to compact discs. I just wish they had mixed them out.
Anyway this album contains a lot of great songs, 16 in total. The booklet is well designed. Fayez Jabri, the designer of about all of the albums (even some of Ziad's ones too), can't stop amazing me. Sometimes, the booklets are as great as they can get and other times, well.
Buy it and enjoy some nice songs, but we all know that these are not just songs. I mean 'Mafi Hada' really is something. It feels like it's playing with my mind, the vocals, the poem and the music, there is a strange thing going on here. Same thing with 'La Enta Habibi', 'Baadek Ala Bali' and ''. Even though I was born in '77, listening to these songs, I start having strange memories of the 60's and early 70's. Of course, these have to do with me watching and liking a lot of that period's music and films (either Arabic or Western).

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for the poems of 1, 13 and 14 which were written by Saiid Akl.

Album tracks:
1. Mechwar 4'22"
2. Tebka Mayel 3'26"
3. Marjouha 2'57"
4. Bektoflak Bas 2'58"
5. Bektob Ismak 4'37"
6. La Teetab Alayi 3'11"
7. La Enta Habibi 5'22"
8. Lachou el Haki 3'20"
9. Ye Helou 3'48"
10. Baadak Ala Bali 3'58"
11. Ma Fi Hada 5'03"
12. Ya Amar Anaweyak 4'21"
13. Alou El Ida 4'09"
14. Bhebak Ma Baaref 3'31"
15. Ya Rayt 3'14"
16. A Ismak Ghanayt 6'18"

Approx. time 65'11" - VDLCD 627

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