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Oriental Evening
Back in the old days it was not hard for such legends to combine forces in making songs because art was the aim. The Rahbani brothers got Fairuz, Wadi Elsafi and Nasri to sing these songs. There is a beautiful duet by Fairuz and Wadi called 'Wadrat Ain Al Roummane'. There are solo songs by all Artists involved. The quality of the album is top notch. Booklet contains no information. Re-releases of this album and others like it should include more information on the events, at least the dates. Definite must have.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for 'Rah Halfak Ya Tayr' which poem was written by Michel Tohme.

Album tracks:
1. (Track 1) 19'11"
Tebka Beldena
Wardat Ain Al Roummane
Keber El Ankoud
Bekoulou Bekutub Al Hawa
Dar Eddouri Addayer
Kanou Zeghar
2. Dawa ElHawa kanadilou 4'55"
3. Marakoul Hassadeen 6'51"
4. Yamme Ma Bar'ref 5'04"
5. Rah Halfak Y Tayr 6'41"
6. Moussalaha 16'06"

Approx. time 58'47" - VDLCD 507

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