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Bint Elharess
The Plot:
The policemen Tawfik (Abou Nejma) and Saleh clean the small town of Kafrghar from all crime. That's when the town council decides to lay them off. They both decide to leave town and look for jobs elsewhere. Meanwhile Nejma gets a job at the local school and teaches the young children to sing. Her father sends her a letter telling her about his whereabouts. She visits him and later determines to do everything she can to bring her father and Saleh, who is working at a theater in Damascus, back to the town. She disguises herself in a man's cloth and start rioting around the town with a rifle. When the people fail to find who is the veiled man messing around, the head of the town council brings back About Nejma and Saleh. They return and with guns in their hands they face the veiled man.

Quick Notes:
The film was produced in the late 60's and it was set in modern times. I don't know about you, but that was a significant revelation to me. The other films and most of the plays are almost all set in historical periods whether fictional or not. Most of the film was shot in external locations too. That's another good thing. It captures the essence of the 60's.

Things to look for:
1. The entire family is in the movie! Aside from Fairuz, Assy and Mansour, I have doubts that Fairuz's sister in the movie is actually her daughter Rima. I have also noticed that one of Mansour's children in the film resembles young Ziad. Check the pictures section to see for yourself.

Miscellaneous information:
1. The soundtrack of the film is missing the instrumentals and the introductory song, Ghibi wela Teghibi which can be found on the Ana We Sahrana album. Strangely enough, it contains songs that can't be found in the film.

1968 / Lebanon
Color / Approx. Time 110 minutes

Click here for pictures from the film.

Download Nassam Alyna Elhawa

Fairuz ... Nejma
Nasri Shameseddine ... Tawfik Aboud (Abou Nejma)
Assy Rahbani ... Elrayes
Mansour Rahbani ... Bashir Elma'az
Berj Fazalian ... Abou Yassmin
With Elias Rizq, Salah Tizani, Rafik Elsbe'ay, Mahmoud Mabsout, Layla Karm, Abdullah Homsi, Samir Shames, Elie Chouirie, Elie Senifer, Ahmed Khalifa, Ali Diab Marcel Marina, Liz Sarksian, Renee Farah and Juliet Dhao.

Phenicia Films
Distrubted by the United Trade and Cinema Company - Fernand Khoury and Nader El Attasy
Written by the Rahbani Brothers
Music and Songs Written by the Rahbani Brothers
Ya Aked Elhajebaini was written by Beshara Elkoury
Tiri Ya Tiara was composed by Philemon Wehbe
Produced by Nader El Attasy
Director of Photography Claude Robin
Directed by Henry Barakat

Filmstock developed in Technicolor labs - London
Sound Recoreded and Mixed at Baalbeck Studios
Sound Engineer Stanley Khoury and Iskander Shahwan
Assistant Directors Samir AbouNassif, Jospeh Hajar and Ibrahim Barsomian
Assistant Producer Nawal Kobi
Cinematic Effects Samir Lama
Edited by Bahri
Make-Up Nadine Frino and Ali Diab
Hair Dresser Samia Nehma
Costumes of Fairuz by Seebo Wojo
Set Design and Moushahat Costumes by Joseph Khayat
Produced by Nadir El Attasy
Still Photography by Farouj Satasian
Camera Assistant Sarkis Kokanian
Photographed by Rubi Braydy
Artistic Consultant Elias Mata
Artistic Managment Sabri Sharif