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Jerusalem In My Heart
There are two versions of this album on compact discs. One that was released in 1997 and includes three more tracks (see track listing below). One of these bonus tracks is a live version of 'Sayfon Fal Youch'har', it's a nice touch but the quality of the recording is not as great as that of 'Fairuz in the Olympia' album. There is also a different version of 'Sanarjiou'. The album in a whole is a mixture of different feelings, grief, pain, hope and glory. The CD booklet is very well done. It contains rare pictures and some articles on Fairouz in Arabic, English and French. The quality of the album is great except for the single live song. There is no doubt that this album should be in everyone's collection.

Old Review: 'Alquds fi Albal'/'Jerusalem In My Heart' album was originally released in '72 and re-released in '97 on compact discs. It includes ten tracks and of high quality. There are 8 tracks sung by Fairouz in this album. You can also find lyrics of four key songs in the booklet provided with the CD and there are pictures of Fairouz with Jerusalem officials handing her the town's key (before the israeli invasion). That's beside a few articles in Arabic, English and French written by the famous Mahmoud Darwich, Saiid Akel and Jabra I. Jabra. It's available from Voix de l'Orient.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for 'Sayfon Fal Youch'har' poem which was written by 'Saiid Akl'.

Album tracks:
1. Sanarjiou 6'03"
2. Ya Roubou'a Biladi 2'46"
3. Zahrat El Mada'en 8'30"
4. El Kods Al Atika 3'23"
5. Sayfon Fal Youch'har 2'55"
6. Ghaba Naharon 3'10" (sung by Siham Chammas)
7. Yaffa 3'00" (sung by Joseph Azar)
8. Bissan 3'18"
9. Sanarjiou 6'03"
10. Sayfon Fal Youch'har (Live) 2'50"

Approx. time 42'44" - VDLCD 510

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