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The author: Rima Rahbani.
While the book was published in the mid nineties, the prose and poems in this book were written between 1984 and 1988.
There is a sense of seclusion and yearning in the poems. The poems are arranged chronologically, but this is not the case with all the poems. The poems have no titles, but each is headed with the month and year in which it was written. There are many poems that Rima wrote about her late father Assy while he was sick and after he died. Two of these were written the day he passed away.
The book has an unusual shape, I don't know why, it's quiet long. While The text inside looks like it was printed in a handwriting font, it probably was photocopied from the original source as it was written by Rima.

Book information:
78 pages
Published in 1996
Published by Dar Annahar
Poetry in the Arabic Lebanese Dialect.

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