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Houmoum El hob
Prior to listening to this album, I thought there weren't as many Fairuz's children songs. I was proven wrong because in this album there are three very sweet songs. They're simple in melody and lyrics, and Fairuz probably recorded the songs in a studio in heaven. Certainly neither do these songs nor the album's title, which made me think this was mainly a broken heart themed album, can tell about the rest of the songs, as the album is a mix of different kinds of songs which range from love to happiness, from faith to children's songs, and from sorrow to yearning. In the end, this is one of must have albums. And by the way, don't try to take out the booklet, it doesn't contain any information and you will only suffer trying to place it back in.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers
except the poems of 2 and 10 are by Saiid Akl.

Album tracks:
1. Houmoum Elhob 4'44"
2. La'eb Elrisha 3'20"
3. La Yadoum Ightrabi 3'24"
4. Asforet Alshagen 6'27"
5. Mourouj Elsoundous 4'34"
6. Shams Elatafal 4'01"
7. 'am Yle'abou Elwelad 4'33"
8. Baddi Khaberkon 3'09"
9. 'Oomen 2'57"
10. Lamin Elhadia 3'12"
11. Ayyam El'aid 5'50"

Approx. time 46'11" - RELCD 557

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