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Chat Iskandaria
It seems that the creativity runs wild with whoever designs the booklets of the albums at Relax-In. Anyway, on with the review. At first, I thought there was something a bit odd with the song 'Shat Iskanderia', then I looked at the credits and I saw why. This is one of the few songs where the Rahbani bros. wrote the lyrics in the Egyptian dialect. Some of the words sound odd as they are used more in the Lebanese than Egyptian dialect. But nevertheless it's a nice song, actually it's very nice. Fathon Alay is also a personal favorite of mine mainly because how it starts musically reminds me of the music of an old animated series (Oklet Elasba, anyone?). As always, the songs create beautiful images and stir deep feelings like 'Men Rawabina Alkamar'. Finally, the note about the over-sized useless booklet applies here too.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for:
Poems of 3 and 5 by Saiid Akl
Music of 6 by Mohamed Mohsen
Poem of 7 by Alakhetel Asaghier

Album tracks:
1. Chat Iskandaria 3'36"
2. Ames Intahayna 5'09"
3. Fatehon Alay 3'06"
4. Raja'out Filmassa 3'07"
5. Men Rawabina Elkamar 3'35"
6. Sayd Elhawa 5'05"
7. Yabkey we Yadhak 6'20"
8. Ya Za'ahery Feldowha 5'29"
9. Akoul letfelaty 3'08"
10. Kal Ya Baytoun Lana 4'57"
11. Najmat Elkoteb 4'01"

Approx. time 47'33" - RELCD 571

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