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South Lebanon:
Brief time line:
1978 First Israeli invasion.
1982 Second Israeli invasion and besiege of Beirut.
1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre.
1983 The 17th of May treaty.
1989 End of the civil war.
1993 Seven Day War.
1996 The Qana massacre.
2000 The Israelis finally withdraw.


Eswaret Elarous/Zharet Eljanoub (Audio/Lyrics)
(Written by Joseph Harb and Philemon Wehbe)
Ziad Rahbani when asked to say something to the detainees.

You can read more information on the massacres
and daily aggression in the following news links.


National Association for Lebanese Detainees in Israeli Prison
The resolution number 425
Amnesty International.
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Yahoo!: Full Coverage
Newspapers: Assafir - Annahar - Alhayat.

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