Beiteddine Festival Press Conference (one minute video)
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Beiteddine concerts review: Daily Star: By Warren Singh-Bartlett
A third concert has been added and it will be on the 8th of August.
A third concert is currently being negotiated.
The orchestra was made of 52 musicians with Ziad on the Piano.
At least three songs from the new album (coming this fall) are going to be performed.
The song list for the concerts is unique and doesn't contain songs from the recent concerts, and it will include some songs that were never performed in public before.
The ticket prices are as follows: 225.000LL ($150) - 135.000LL ($90) - 90.000LL ($60) - 50.000LL ($33) - 25.000LL ($17)
The orchestra joining Fairuz in Beiteddine will contain Armenian, Dutch, French and Lebanese musicians. Ziad Rahbani is expected to play on the piano. There's a possibility to hold more concerts.
Tickets are sold at the Beiteddine palace and at the Beiteddine office on the fourth floor in the Starco center in downtown Beirut from 9:30 until 5:00. During the concert days the time will be extended to 6:30. Buses will be arranged to pick the audience from Beirut to Beiteddine on all concert days. Their meeting points in Beirut will be at the Sofil center in Alachrafieh, and near the Cavalier hotel in Hamra. People who want to drive to the palace will find that car parks have been established.
A professional company called 'Dar il Handassa' designed the seating of the stage so that the acoustics and the viewing of the stage will be the best possible from all places.
In a reply to a question in the press conference, Mrs. Joumblat said that Fairuz's fee for the concerts is only symbolic.

Beiteddine Festival poster
Beiteddine Festival flyer
Fairuz concerts newspaper ad
Beiteddine Festival TV spot: Fairuz's concerts (video)
Beiteddine Festival TV spot: General spot (video)

Names of the members of the orchestra and chorus.

Three Concerts
Friday, Saturday & Tuesday
4, 5 & 8 August: 8.30 PM

The Beiteddine 2000 album review, lyrics, pictures and clips.

Fairuz at Beiteddine
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Another Cyberia article titled: The Year of the Divas

(A) is where the stage was constructed. For more pictures of the arena, click here.

"Close your eyes to listen to Fairouz. Her voice is that of angels. One does not see angels, but at times one hear them sing. Heaven seems to have forgotten Lebanon: if only Fairouz's voice could be a reminder."

Georges Schehade

Fairouz, whose voice critics have acclaimed as "...the golden voice which incarnates the soul of Lebanon," and whose appearances on radio, television, film and musical plays have made her a living legend to millions of fans from the Arabian gulf to the Atlantic Ocean, presents two live concerts directed by Ziad Rahbani.



عشاق السيدة فيروز يلتقون بها في حفلتين، تشارك في إحيائها أوركسترا موسعة تضم موسيقيين من أرمينيا و هولندا و فرنسا و لبنان

يشرف على الحفلتين زياد رحباني الذي سيقدم لنا فيروز اليوم. الصوت الذي يكمل رحلة المدرسة الرحبانية القديمة، بأشكال كلاسيكية معاصرة

صوت فيروز في بيت الدين يكمل تجواله في المنزل الرحباني، إلا انه يشتعل في غرفة أخرى


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